Apr 21, 2022

Knitter's Pride and Knitting Board are on SALE!!

All Knitter's Pride and Knitting Board Products are on sale!

PLUS get an ADDITIONAL 10% refund when you buy at yarnshop4u.com (our official Etsy pattern/domain shop).

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Apr 18, 2022

I never used this but for some reason my wholesale supplier thought this would be a good item to have in my yarn shop. I'm thinking... not so much. Anyway, I have THREE boxes of it and am selling them for a great price of $34.99 for all 3 boxes which is a $60 retail! 


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Apr 15, 2022

Wow, it's been a busy year! Dave and I have been traveling to CO and the high pine area of AZ more intensely lately as retirement from our day-job relocation plan is in full swing. It's exciting! But of course we'll have to move everything :) I've been destashing a few items as we concentrate efforts in the upcoming months to make this move possible around the spring of 2023. 

Anyway, as always items purchased through our domain shop which is powered by Etsy's pattern platform are eligible for a 10% refund on the item cost after purchase which the exception of a few that are already discounted specifically for this shop. 

I just noticed that we still have 16 Jumbo size balls of Lydia Classic 10 in "Natural" color. It was by accident that I purchased this many and they need to go! One of balls is nearly the equivalency of 7 of the regular size balls so at our regular shop price of $14.79 and an already discounted price at $13.30 yarnshop4u.com this is a GREAT deal!

Come on over for this Natural Jumbo Size ball of Aunt Lydia Classic 10 thread.

Aunt Lydia Jumbo at yarnshop4u.com
Exclusive price of only $13.30 plus shipping at www.yarnshop4u.com/listing/1215964475

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