Aug 30, 2023

The BIG BALLS of Bernat Handicrafter 100% cotton yarn are now available in 9 new colors. Find these and others colors in this large size ball here >

As always, we'll refund you 10% when you purchase through - yeah more yarn for less!!

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Jun 2, 2022

6 New Lily Scrub Off colors!

We have SIX new Lily Scrub Off colors. I believe these have been reserved for a certain big box stores. I'm not certain if being able to order these again will continue or if it was a one time offer by the manufacturer. For whatever the reason though, we now have the following colors: Cornmeal, Earthenware, Sage, Snow, Sea Glass, and Sweet Pink. 

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Apr 21, 2022

Knitter's Pride and Knitting Board are on SALE!!

All Knitter's Pride and Knitting Board Products are on sale!

PLUS get an ADDITIONAL 10% refund when you buy at (our official Etsy pattern/domain shop).

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Apr 18, 2022

I never used this but for some reason my wholesale supplier thought this would be a good item to have in my yarn shop. I'm thinking... not so much. Anyway, I have THREE boxes of it and am selling them for a great price of $34.99 for all 3 boxes which is a $60 retail!

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Apr 15, 2022

Wow, it's been a busy year! Dave and I have been traveling to CO and the high pine area of AZ more intensely lately as retirement from our day-job relocation plan is in full swing. It's exciting! But of course we'll have to move everything :) I've been destashing a few items as we concentrate efforts in the upcoming months to make this move possible around the spring of 2023. 

Anyway, as always items purchased through our domain shop which is powered by Etsy's pattern platform are eligible for a 10% refund on the item cost after purchase which the exception of a few that are already discounted specifically for this shop. 

I just noticed that we still have 16 Jumbo size balls of Lydia Classic 10 in "Natural" color. It was by accident that I purchased this many and they need to go! One of balls is nearly the equivalency of 7 of the regular size balls so at our regular shop price of $14.79 and an already discounted price at $13.30 this is a GREAT deal!

Come on over for this Natural Jumbo Size ball of Aunt Lydia Classic 10 thread.

Aunt Lydia Jumbo at
Exclusive price of only $13.30 plus shipping at

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Dec 14, 2021

Clover Takumi Bamboo Knitting needles

We've been adding some new Clover knitting needles. We now have fixed circulars in 2 lengths (24 & 48", bamboo DPNs in 5" and 7" along with the 9/10" Clover Takumi Bamboo single point needles. 

The Clover Takumi line of bamboo knitting tools are light in weight with a warm natural touch. Bamboo is the ideal material for making knitting needles and Clover uses the finest bamboo to manufacture their knitting needles with accurate specifications. Each Knitting Needle is polished for smoothness. And the bamboo is ecologically harvested!

 We are carrying all sizes in each and will be adding the interchangeable needles along with cords and other accessories!

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Nov 21, 2021

UPS for your Etsy shop through Pirate Ship!

The holiday season is coming in FAST and we want our Etsy orders to arrive as close to the ETA as possible with accurate tracking and reliable so we can keep shipping instead of answering "where's my package" questions which is frustrating for the buyer and us!

The 2020 pandemic and 2020 Christmas holiday shipping season revealed "unprecedented" inabilities for the Post Office and FedEx* to get the job done. We DO know UPS is way more reliable than USPS when it's crunch time for getting packages delivered on time but they are EXPENSIVE!! Or are they?

During the pandemic related snafus with the Post Office from May 2020 into 2021 we started looking for ways to incorporate more UPS shipping for our Etsy orders. I actually work(ed) for UPS; I'm retired now :) and the prices the sales rep spit out were enough to make me choke. 

Below are 3 free (non-paid subscription) options we've used so far for shipping out goods purchased at our Etsy shop at (or if 4% cash back isn't appealing). You don't need a paid subscription like with or to send UPS at a very reasonable, competitive and often cheaper rate than USPS. It's possible the below mentioned will charge a subscription fee, but at the time of writing this they are free!

  1. PAYPAL - this is a tedious task, but it got the job done. All addresses had to manually entered and we manually entered the address in the UPS address verification to make sure it was legit. Time consuming, but sometimes worth the effort.

  2. SHIPPO - I may have seen an ad on TV. Tried it out and it worked great! It can pull order and shipping data from many online selling platforms including Etsy. We were already using Pirate Ship for all of our USPS First Class and Priority shipping so this filled in the need for speedier shipping processing. Also FREE to use.

  3. PIRATE SHIP - I saved the best for last! Importing order info is a breeze. Easy to use, excellent support, over and above ways to download your purchased label data. In the fall of 2021 Pirate Ship announced the peak holiday rate increase for the Post Office as well as announcing there would be a new delivery option coming soon. We were EXCITED to say the least and our crossed fingers and wishful thinking that it would be UPS came true!! Pirate Ship added the ability to purchase UPS shipping labels on their site!!! FYI, all the delivery companies have a peak surcharge for the Christmas holiday but one of the bonuses that also came with the superior service was NO holiday surcharge!! 

What's the process? First get the 3rd party app (No pic of that but obviously you would need it!)
1. Hover over the SHIP
2. Import Etsy Orders (you can see the expanded SHIP icon gives you 3 choices.
3. Hit "Get Rates"

4. The shipping info window opens. Enter info! You can set up preset package sizes and flats (flats are very good for getting the cubic rate!!) This was a big box so I manually entered my box size and weight.
5. Click Get rates and watch the magic happen!
6. PS will make a suggestion. Click on that to expand all your choices! Select a choice.
7. Click Buy!

8. Label pops up! We print on Dymo so we're set for 4x6 labels.

Anyway, if you need yarn or yarn notions or maybe a few sewing items, stop on by our shop for 4% off the listed price shown at

This information regarding shipping is based on our personal opinion about delivery companies and shipping label purchasing platforms. This is not a paid endorsement for any of the mentioned companies. 

* FedEx may be more reliable when it comes to on time deliveries, but we don't use them for outgoing so our opinion is based on incoming packages that are often delayed without reason. 

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Oct 30, 2021

YarnShop4U Exclusive Prices

Who doesn't LOVE to save more?? If you've been to our Etsy shop at where we refund 4% of the item price or our "regular" Etsy shop @ you probably know we have some pretty good prices already!

If you want to save even MORE on some select items, check out our Ebay exclusive items where we are currently selling...

Additionally "EXCLUSIVE" pricing can be found by entering "YS4U" in the search box. We plan to add more items to our discount Etsy shop and eBay in 2022. While I can't always offer deep discounts on ALL items -especially those low priced ones, I can always take a look if there's a particular item you have your eye on! 

Anyway, here's a quick YS4U Exclusive Pricing search result link to get you over to the exclusively priced items. Here are a few featured items...

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Oct 23, 2021

It's Self-Striping 100% cotton yarn!. Yes, now you can have striped dishcloths without weaving in all the ends!! Bernat Handicrafter STRIPEY comes in 7 colorways and are 3 ounces and 130 yards (85g/119m). This is a NEW yarn so there isn't much info out there yet; I even had to take my own pictures - LOL.

The yarn retails for $5.29 but of course we have it a super good price of $3.49 AND don't forget when you buy at you get 4% returned off the item listed price! 

 YAY, for more stripes and less ends! 


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Oct 13, 2021

We have our first sample order of Patons Grace yarn. It's a #3 weight 100% mercerized cotton and comes in 1.75 oz / 136 yard skeins. We'll add all the colors as soon as we get them. For now we have Laveder, Orchid, Fiesta, Ginger and Viola. Hopefully the other colors get to us soon!

Available in both Etsy shops, but this one is better because we can refund you 4% on the listed price shown!! >>

Here's Patons Grace in Viola and a cute pattern I found on Ravelry!

Sep 19, 2021

New DARK PINE cotton yarn by Bernat in BIG BALL SIZE!!

New BIG size of Dark Pine Bernat Handicrafter cotton is now available! Nice color for those Christmas projects needing green and it's a HUGE 14oz ball! It's the same color as Lily Dark Pine. Get yours at our "discounted" Etsy shop for 4% "cash back" on the listed price! Cotton not your thing? Take advantage of Patons Hempster, DK Superwash or Silk Bamboo at 10% off and find it at for the extra 4% off the listed price of that!

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