Oct 30, 2021

YarnShop4U Exclusive Prices

Who doesn't LOVE to save more?? If you've been to our Etsy shop at www.yarnshop4u.com where we refund 4% of the item price or our "regular" Etsy shop @ www.yarnshop4u.etsy.com you probably know we have some pretty good prices already!

If you want to save even MORE on some select items, check out our Ebay exclusive items where we are currently selling...

Additionally YarnShop4U.com "EXCLUSIVE" pricing can be found by entering "YS4U" in the search box. We plan to add more items to our discount Etsy shop and eBay in 2022. While I can't always offer deep discounts on ALL items -especially those low priced ones, I can always take a look if there's a particular item you have your eye on! 

Anyway, here's a quick YS4U Exclusive Pricing search result link to get you over to the exclusively priced items. Here are a few featured items...

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Oct 23, 2021

It's Self-Striping 100% cotton yarn!. Yes, now you can have striped dishcloths without weaving in all the ends!! Bernat Handicrafter STRIPEY comes in 7 colorways and are 3 ounces and 130 yards (85g/119m). This is a NEW yarn so there isn't much info out there yet; I even had to take my own pictures - LOL.

The yarn retails for $5.29 but of course we have it a super good price of $3.49 AND don't forget when you buy at https://www.yarnshop4u.com/search?q=stripey you get 4% returned off the item listed price! 

 YAY, for more stripes and less ends! 


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Oct 13, 2021

We have our first sample order of Patons Grace yarn. It's a #3 weight 100% mercerized cotton and comes in 1.75 oz / 136 yard skeins. We'll add all the colors as soon as we get them. For now we have Laveder, Orchid, Fiesta, Ginger and Viola. Hopefully the other colors get to us soon!

Available in both Etsy shops, but this one is better because we can refund you 4% on the listed price shown!! >> www.yarnshop4u.com/search?q=Patons+grace

Here's Patons Grace in Viola and a cute pattern I found on Ravelry!