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Boye Crochet hook deals!

UPDATE: SOLD OUT! In addition to a new lower price on Boye crochet hooks, I'm destashing some 8pc sets I acquired from a polymer clay handle maker that was getting out of the handle making business. You can find the best deal on Boye Crochet hooks along with other great finds at

Destashing some Susan Bates Silvalume crochet hooks!

UPDATE: SOLD OUT!  12pc Destash Susan Bates Silvalume crochet hooks were just added! Includes 3xB, 3xC, 2xE & 4x7/4.5mm for a super great price for Polymer clay handle makers!

CarryC Long

Now in stock! Available at here >  Tulip CarryC Long interchangeable circular knitting needle set #TP1264   Get 4% back when shop at or you can get 8% back by typing "Double Back on CarryC"  in the message box or as a separate message to us before your order ships! That's 8% off the current listed price so if it's still listed at $137.99 that would bring your total down to $126.95!! The price may change due to what our supplier charges us. Double back is not valid after the item has been shipped and only available on purchases.